"I've said it before, many times, but it bears repeating: I love my church. I love that guests consistently report feeling welcomed and loved from the moment they enter the building. I love that my pastors and the other church leaders are men and women of integrity, compassion, and intelligence. I love that, no matter who is caring for my son, he is showered with love and kindness. I love that I am entrusted to write lessons for and to teach the youth. I love that church members with rally together to support a common goal: an outreach event, a celebration, supporting a sick or troubled neighbor, welcoming a guest speaker. I love that the whole Bible is shared, with grace and compassion and great insight. I love that the Holy Spirit is welcomed, that Jesus is preached, that God is worshiped. I love that the messages are shared out of equal parts love and truth. I love that my church is a house full of second chances, and third ones, and fourth..."

Regional Events @ Berean

Pastor Billy Burke
September 24 // November 19 @ 7PM

Ken & Lois Gott
October 8 | 10AM & 7PM

Pastor Bob Sorge
November 26 | 10AM

Upcoming Church Events

Summer Series
June 21, July 5, 12, 19, 26 & August 9

Homeless Outreach
August 20 | September 17 | October 15 | November 19 | December 17

Early Morning Prayer
Monday thru Thursday | 7AM to 8AM 

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