The "One Another" Verses in the New Testament & Are You My Mother?

Learning To Walk in God's Provision and Spirit of Might

The Psalm of the Word & Regeneration

Unity & Uniqueness and Know Your Identity

Jesus The God With Us and Tabernacled

The 7 Churches of Revelation and Get Out To Vote

The 7 Churches of Revelation 3 and Fruitful Love

The 7 Churches of Revelation 1 and 2

The Power of Faithfulness and Rest of Faith 2

A Healing Refresher 6 & Arrows in Hand

Freedom from Oppression & Flowing In The Holy Spirit

A Healing Refresher & Oil and Wine 

Developing a Passion for the Lost & I Will Make You

Jesus Revealed and Captain of the Host

Undevouraable & Foreign Territory

Developing a Passion for the Lost & Hold the Line

Overcoming by the Word of Our Testimony

How to Know the Will of God

The Important of God's Presence & Honeycomb

How to Know the Will of God

The Names of Jesus 3: How to Know the Will of God

Why I....Am Expectant About The Future

The Three Marys of the Gospels

Jesus Our City of Refuge

Why I Am Grateful for Pentecost & 4 Important Christian Values

Why I Will Never Quit & Stirring Up Whats Inside You

About the Overflow TV Broadcasts

Overflow is the TV outreach of Berean Fellowship Church. Jesus Himself said, "I came that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance---to the full, till it OVERFLOWS" (John 10:10 Amp). Experience the richness of God's Word through the teaching ministry of Pastors Mark & Stephanie Moder. They and some of their ministry friends will be coming to you with a practical, balanced message from the Scriptures. As you learn and apply these truths, we believe that you will experience God's OVERFLOW in your life!

Overflow can be seen on the Pittsburgh Faith & Family Channel three times weekly: Sundays @ 1 AM, Tuesdays @ 9 PM and Fridays @ 9 AM.
If you live in the Greater Pittsburgh/Western Pennsylvania area, you can view Overflow on the Pittsburgh Faith & Family Channel:
  • Simply disconnect your cable or satellite from one TV set. Use an over-the-air digital antenna to access Channel 40.2.
  • If you’re an Armstrong Cable subscriber, watch us on Channel 95 or Channel 413.
  • You can help us get on other cable networks too! Let your local cable company know---You’d like to see the Pittsburgh Faith & Family Channel in their lineup!
Everything we put on the television will also be placed on the Berean website. So if you cannot watch the actual TV broadcasts, watch the broadcast on the web at your convenience. Let us know if the teachings have been a help and blessing in your life.
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