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The Heroes

Meet our Cosmic Zenith Heroes!

Captain Petros: Is a visionary who sees the potential in his difficult crew. He is the glue that holds the team together and is a compassionate and determined leader. He is dressed in full uniform.

Xena: Although Human like, is an alien from the planet Selfitus. She is dressed exotically and has unusual hair. She is very ego-centric and thinks only of herself. Considered one of the best communications officers, she can speak many different languages and dialects from all over the universe!

Kratos: Is a human, who was birthed through genetic selection. He is superior in physical stature and intelligence. He is precise in his actions and wants to do everything by the book. He generally looks down on others, viewing them as inferior. He is arrogant and prideful. He is always dressed spotlessly in full uniform.

Luma: Is half human and half of an unknown alien species. She was adopted by two biochemists who noticed that her skin began to glow when she is under duress. Luma never feels as if she fits in and thus is very shy and unsure of herself. She contrasts with Xena, although in full uniform, she is never quite put together.

Niles: Is an all too human, cynical bad boy. He is rebellious in nature and generally doesn’t care about anyone or anything. He has spent time in jail and is only going on the mission to keep from going back to jail again. He is never dressed according to code and delights in breaking every rule he can. Despite his obstinate ways, he is extremely resourceful, clever and practical.